Recreation Center Membership Overview

Enjoy access to three recreation centers that have varying amenities which include; weight rooms, cardio rooms, basketball gymnasiums, racquetball courts, an indoor walking track and two twenty-five-yard indoor natatoriums. Group fitness classes are not included with center memberships, a separate punch card is available for purchase. Other instructional program memberships are also available below.

Daily Use and Membership Fees

Daily Fees

Youth 3-12                $1.00

Teen 13-17               $1.00

Adult 18-54               $5.00

Senior 55+                $3.00


City Monthly                                          Non-City Monthly

Teen 13-17 $20.00                                    Teen 13-17 $35.00

Adult 18-54 $30.00                                  Adult 18-54 $55.00

Senior 55+  $25.00                                  Senior 55+  $45.00

Add Family Member $15                    Add Family Member $30


City 3 Month                                                  Non City 3 Month

Teen 13 –17      $45                                        Teen  13-17     $80

Adult 18-54       $75                                      Adult 18-54     $130

Senior  55 +       $60                                      Senior  55+      $105

Add Family Member $40                          Add Family Member $70       


City Annual                                              Non-City Annual

Teen 13-17 $100.00                                Teen 13-17  $170.00

Adult 18-54 $175.00                              Adult 18-54  $295.00

Senior 55+  $125.00                              Senior 55+  $210.00

Add Family Member  $30                    Add Family Member $55


Adding a Family Member

  •  Family is defined as spouses or domestic partners and children living at home who are up to age 18 (or 24 if they are attending school full-time)
  •  Family Members cannot be added to Teen Memberships.


  • Please adhere to ALL the rules posted in the various rooms
  • Guests under 14 are NOT permitted in the weight room , Cardio Room or Indoor Walking Track area (Please have an ID or Guardian verify age)
  • If you reside within the city limits ,own city property or have a military ID you are eligible for the City membership rate.  
  • You must bring in your driver's license so we can verify your address
  • Any group with a coach or instructor wanting to use city facilities will be charged rental fees.  Use is subject to space availability and user must provide insurance.

Recreation Center Memberships

3 Months Membership
Annual Memberships
Annual Tennis Membership
Game Time
Monthly Membership
Quilting Membership